THEME THE WORLD – Faces. Places. Spaces” offers a vast field of possibilities for photographers to explore: from simple and every-day subjects related to city-life and people, to complex hybrids of identities, cultures and places as results of our contemporary WORLD.

Luca Curci (Architect, Artist, Director of It’s LIQUID Group – Italy)
Fernando Barrionuevo (Director of MECA – Spain)
Maija Ylä-Sahra (Artist, Gallerist – Finland)

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BORDERLAND – The entropy of identities. International Video Art

I have been selected finalist at the art competion “BorderBody-Mixing Identities” by International ArtExpo with the video “Urban Lights” that will be shown in Almeria ( Spain) at MECA
Mediterráneo Centro Artístico, the 13th and the 27th of March 2014.

“BORDERLAND – The entropy of identities” international video art screening which will be held in Almeria (Spain).

MECA Mediterráneo Centro Artístico, Almería, España
+34 620 938515 . +34 626 460265 .

Entropy is conceptually defined as the measure of the level of disorder in a changing system. Starting from this fascinating concept, each person can be considered as a changing system, as the same as for a specific culture, city or country, until the whole universe. All these systems are subjected to a process of continuous inner evolution which overcome their own boundaries to contaminate and crossbreed each others. Borders of this evolving systems get more and more fleeting, and their identities turn out fluid, multiple and changeable. These continue changes find in the inevitability of evolution their measure of order.