Black and white photography calls for the sensitivity and gift of observation as well as the knowledge of what surrounds us and the ability to abstract from the nature. The land of trolls and elfs, breathtaking landscapes and fascinating myths and folklore.  All times the magic of nature inspired people in to mystical stories, ST

Natural and cultural landscapes

I want to provided some new impulses to landscape photography. From field to market stall to shopping bag and from saucepan to plate... The food supplychain does not always proceed so visibly. Soil, air, and water. Series of 5 high quality photography.    

We are excited to announce that the Black & White Collection page is now live on SeeMe for the public to view from now until the end of the year. We have spent the past few weeks working on getting these pages and books up and ready for you to share with your friends and... Weiterlesen →

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