L’Ascension, bon film Français avec Ahmed Sylla

Synopsis et détails

Pour toi, je pourrais gravir l’Everest !» Samy aurait mieux fait de se taire ce jour-là… D’autant que Nadia ne croit pas beaucoup à ses belles paroles. Et pourtant… Par amour pour elle, Samy quitte sa cité HLM et part gravir les mythiques 8848 mètres qui font de l’Everest le Toit du monde. Un départ qui fait vibrer ses copains, puis tout le 93 et c’est bientôt la France entière qui suit avec émotion les exploits de ce jeune mec ordinaire mais amoureux. A la clé, un message d’espoir : à chacun d’inventer son avenir, puisque tout est possible„. Source

Dada Manifesto 1918 & Tristan Tzara about Dada

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The Dada movement was a protest against the barbarism of World War I, the bourgeois interests that Dada adherents believed inspired the war, and what they believed was an oppressive intellectual rigidity in both art and everyday society. Dada was an international movement, and it is difficult to classify artists as being from any one particular country, as they were constantly moving from one place to another.

Dance performance with drones at Spiral Hall

This is a collaboration developed by elevenplay×Rhizomatiks who has been the pursuing possibilities of relationship and interaction between the body and technology by interacting with a variety of hardware and devices such as robot arms and motor-controlled floating balls. In this new work, objects are arranged three-dimensionally in real space through a tracking technology and drone control system, and the work, in which dancers give performances, has been presented so as to find the possibility of a new bodily expression.