Dear friends of Visionis Phosphorescent

I’m happy to see that more and more people are visiting my page and are sending me encouraging messages full of compliments for my art. Indeed, this project of mine is something very special. In all these myriad artworks, I’m trying to highlight the incredible heritage of the mystical Tantric culture, not by copy-pasting erroneous information from Wikipedia or pop-culture books, but by actually constantly living in India and now in Nepal, and engaging in the living culture of these ancient nations. Moreover, I also draw commissioned art dealing with themes of authentic Western Occultism. By doing so I’m trying to bring people’s attention to these hidden treasures of world spirituality and express my personal impressions through the timeless medium of art.

I would love to do much more and I have a lot of great ideas in my mind for my upcoming projects. I want to make them bigger, more detailed and meaningful than before. I want to make a big series on Tantric themes and exhibit it in real. But art needs investments. Artists are simple people who have to eat, pay their bills and contribute to their families. In my case it is even more difficult because I lead a nomadic lifestyle. I travel across different countries where I explore the native heritage in real and have to constantly pay for tickets, visas and other daily expenses. To compensate all these expenses, I have to constantly get involved in other simple ways of earning and…. All these beautiful art projects are getting stuck. Krodha Kali, which you liked so much, got stuck, some other projects have also got stuck and I can’t even think about all the wonderful future ideas I have. They might never appear in real.

Art exists only when people support it financially. So if you truly like what I’m doing, please, try to support me. You can always
– BUY an existing art. Arts for sale are available in the SHOP section.
  Digital copies I’m selling for $70-100 only.
– ORDER an art according to your personal needs. It could be a cover for a music
  cover for a book, altar painting with something sacred to your heart, etc.
– SUPPORT me simply through DONATION using my PAYPAL address which is Any amount of money would be highly appreciated.
– Become my personal SPONSOR or help me to find one.

It is high time that art and artists are taken seriously. If people from other professions deserve to be paid for their services, so do us. Without art, this world with all its afflictions and social issues would be an even duller place to live in.

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